Strategy 101: Zuckerberg Coming of Age

Every business experiences growing pains.  But, not every business has those growing pains on display for the entire world to see.  Check out today’s WSJ article:  “For Mark Zuckerberg, Tumult and Turnaround” and be thankful your business challenges don’t attract a national stage.  The article outlines four key signs that Zuckerberg is coming of age:

  1. Dual Focus on Vision and Profit:  He’s learning how to stay true to his ultimate goal (“connecting the world digitally”) while making money – the two motives don’t have to be incompatible
  2. Data Driven:  He’s using data about the site’s performance, user experience and choices instead of his own preferences to guide decision making
  3. Adaptive:  He’s let changes in his customers’ reality (mobile usage) reshape the company’s priorities for user experience, changing some deeply held beliefs about what’s important to users
  4. Expanding Customer Segments:  He now considers advertisers to be valued customers who should be nurtured and whose needs should be understood and met

These are signs that Zuckerberg is successfully navigating the latest growing pains at Facebook, and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. No business will be successful without navigating many such challenges to ensure the strategy stays relevant to customers and viable for investors.  It will be exciting to see how the next chapter unfolds…

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