About enlight

enlight is a boutique management consulting firm located in Shaker Heights, OH.  We help privately held companies and select non-profits:

  • Create Near-Term Value
  • Position for Long-Term Value
  • Unlock Hidden Value

We know – Unlocking Hidden Value sounds too good to be true.  But, trust us, it happens every time.  In our experience, traditional solutions fall short and either leave money on the table or leave the company vulnerable to future changes in the market.  Who can afford that?  You deserve to address your near-term needs, prepare for the future and get a little something extra for the effort.  email us at info@enlightadvisors.com to find out how we can help you – we’re looking for clients who share our thirst for value creation and are:

  • Open to a candid assessment of the business
  • Invested in driving change to take the business to new heights
  • Ready to build a partnership with us to chart the future course
  • Clear about parameters, but willing to ‘dig deep’

Of course we offer the typical consulting products, such as:

  • Integrated Growth Planning
  • Business Model Audits
  • Executive Alignment
  • Implementation Planning & Deployment
  • Market Assessment & Planning
  • Targeted Financial Analysis

And, we have all the capabilities you would expect in a consulting firm:

  • Business Acumen
  • Financial Analysis
  • Market Research, Customer & Competitor Analysis
  • Implementation Design

But, what makes us different is our 3-Dimensional approach.  At enlight we are constantly weighing our clients’ alternatives based on the implications for Strategy, Structure and Execution.  One seemingly simple change in your company can have significant or subtle impacts on the remainder of your business.  Our attention to all three dimensions, not matter the business question, is what enables  us to help companies create value in the near-term, position for the long-term and unlock hidden value.  Here are some of the ways our internal processes are unique relative to other consulting firms:

  • Comprehensive, simultaneous analysis of client needs and alternatives
  • Iterative, adaptive synthesis of our insights and recommendations
  • Extensive and rapid leverage of our network to shed light on our clients’ alternatives
  • Intensive partner involvement in conducting the work and devising the recommendations
  • A mandate to learn – from clients, from experts and from each other
  • A passion for results

Did we mention that we also consider client service to be a religion at enlight?  We demonstrate that in the unique ways we engage with clients, including:

  • Grounding our work in our client’s reality
  • Creating a radically collaborative dynamic with our clients
  • Providing “Shades of Right” flexibility in our recommendations
  • Providing unbiased truth-telling – even when it hurts us to say it or clients to hear it
  • Maintaining a relentless focus on what works
  • Creating experiences that transform our clients’ perspectives

Our values guide our work – every day in every way:

  • Enter with Grace
  • Learn with Humility
  • Collaborate with Respect
  • Communicate with Candor
  • Act with Conviction
  • Advise with Honor

Amy%20FulfordAmy H. Fulford founded enlight in 2005 after realizing that transforming professional services and building a new model of excellence for client service is her passion.  Fulford earned an MBA in finance and strategy from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago (it was still called the GSB when she was there) and a BS is economics and government from Centre College in Danville, KY.  She has worked as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, in global marketing and strategy at Alcoa Inc., in commercial banking at Huntington Bank and as an intern in Procter & Gamble’s global laundry division.


216.245.0570 o

216.346.4561 m


Troy%20MeinhardIn 2008, Troy Meinhard joined enlight as a partner.  Meinhard earned an International MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (née GSB) and a BA in business administration from Wartburg College in Iowa.   He has worked in acquisition finance and financial planning and analysis at Pfizer Inc.; consulting at the Boston Consulting Group; manufacturing, business development and finance at Pella Corporation and as a consultant intern at BoozAllen & Hamilton.


216.245.0801 o

216.543.6872 m

Here’s the entire enlight team:

Neeko%20Crider Neeko Crider, Engagement Manager

Elissa%20Katz Elissa Katz, Chief of Staff

Marcus%20Notaro Marcus Notaro, Associate Consultant

Dan%20Delanis Dan Delanis, Associate Consultant

Lisa%20Brolund Lisa Brolund, Office Manager

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