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Value Creation 101: What’s your Value Creation Vector?

Over the years at enlight, we have had the great fortune of serving great clients.  While each client situation is unique, we’ve also noticed that clients typically seek one of a few things from their engagements with us: 1. grow the business 2. improve profitability 3. align teams to execute 4. solve a tough problem […]

Market Insight: The Key To Sustainable Competitive Advantage

At enlight, we’ve always promoted the importance of market insight – about customers, competitors and the industry – to drive strategy.   Here’s the way we break down the insights typically used by companies to manage their businesses: 1.  Native Insight:  the institutionalized views that drive financial and operational metrics; Native Insight reveals what the […]

Strategy 101: Zuckerberg Coming of Age

Every business experiences growing pains.  But, not every business has those growing pains on display for the entire world to see.  Check out today’s WSJ article:  “For Mark Zuckerberg, Tumult and Turnaround” and be thankful your business challenges don’t attract a national stage.  The article outlines four key signs that Zuckerberg is coming of age: […]

Position for Long-term Value Creation by Overcoming Barriers to Business Model Innovation

The recent HBR blog post, Why Large Companies Struggle With Business Model Innovation ( does a great job of highlighting the importance of business model innovation and highlighting three barriers: Lack of top management support and attention; reluctance to experiment and failure to pivot. I couldn’t agree more with the importance of business model innovation […]

Unlock Hidden Value: 4 Lessons from Wal-Mart

In the October edition of HBR, Leslie Datch provides some invaluable advice to executives in his column, “Don’t Spin a Better Story.  Be a Better Company.”  While the advice is focused on how to effectively and authentically respond to negative PR, the insight is also powerful for unlocking hidden value in organizations. Here’s my take […]

Family Business 101: Succession Done Right

Poorly managed family business successions have destroyed untold amounts of value in individual businesses and ripped countless families apart.  Don’t let your business or your family fall victim to the same traps that have haunted business owners for generations.  For example, The Donald and his three Trump real estate heirs were recently profiled in the […]

Forget Big Data, Democratize “Small Data” to Unlock Hidden Value In Your Business

Everybody’s talking about “big data” and what it can do to transform business.  It’s really exciting to think about how we can knit together disparate data sources and analyze more data than ever.  However, more often that not we see companies neglecting their fundamental business data and the value it can provide for this business. […]